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10 Iceman Moments That Show He’s the Coolest Unique X-Males Member| TC

Entertainment10 Iceman Moments That Show He’s the Coolest Unique X-Males Member| TC


  • One in every of Bobby Drake’s coolest moments as the unique X-Males member was when he saved a crowd of individuals from a lethal Sentinel.
  • Iceman’s flip to villainy within the Age of Apocalypse was extremely cool to see, as was his final downfall.
  • Bobby Drake’s most inspirational second was when he got here out as homosexual, overcoming his fears and accepting himself.



Bobby Drake aka Iceman is extra than simply an authentic member of the X-Males – he’s the best authentic member of the X-Males (actually). Iceman joined the crew as a teen, instantly proving himself an integral member of the mutant militant squad with the numerous missions he helped them accomplish, in addition to the shows of immense energy Iceman exhibited alongside the way in which.

Over time, Iceman has grown as each an extremely highly effective superhero, and as an individual. From adventures the place he was the one one who might defeat any given villain the X-Males have been confronted towards, to moments of private progress that additional developed his character, listed below are 10 Iceman moments that show he’s the ‘coolest’ authentic X-Males member (and in additional methods than simply the apparent).


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10 Iceman is Too Cool for College (In Each Sense)

X-Males #1 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

In the beginning of the very first X-Males challenge, each member of the unique 5 was coaching, not essentially for fight, however simply to discover ways to use and management their mutant powers. Nonetheless, Bobby Drake was clearly ‘too cool for college’, as he didn’t outwardly take part within the coaching, and as an alternative Iceman opted to joke round by turning himself right into a snowman.

That is the earliest and most literal instance of Iceman being the best authentic X-Males member. Nothing to do along with his energy degree or important character improvement, simply unadulterated coolness that clearly stood out amongst his rule-following classmates.

9 Iceman Saved a Crowd of Individuals From a Lethal Sentinel

Final X-Males #1 by Mark Millar and Adam Kubert

Throughout Iceman’s first mission with the X-Males within the Final Universe, the Sentinels are attacking a metropolis in search of mutants throughout their beta trial for excessive mutant policing. With little to no management over his powers presently, Bobby Drake principally stayed among the many crowd, making an attempt to maintain everybody again from the motion whereas the extra established X-Males dealt with the Sentinels. Nonetheless, when a decapitated Sentinel was about to crush the group of individuals Bobby was chargeable for, Iceman all of a sudden tapped into his powers and froze the Sentinel in place, saving everybody.

This second was greater than cool, it was completely epic, because it was a heroic first second for Iceman as a member of the X-Males.

8 Iceman Took a Villainous Flip within the Age of Apocalypse (& Paid the Value)

Uncanny X-Pressure #24 by Rick Remender and Phil Noto

There’s nothing cooler than taking a shot at being a heinous villain, so naturally, Iceman needed to take a flip at taking part in that exact position in Marvel Comics canon. Within the Age of Apocalypse timeline of Earth-295, it’s revealed that Iceman truly bought out different mutant heroes to Apocalypse for a greater life. Each earthly pleasure possible was at Iceman’s disposal, and all he needed to do was quit those that thought they have been his mates – and Nightcrawler didn’t let him get away with it.

The one factor cooler than a hero-turned-villain (particularly when it’s simply short-term) is seeing them get their comeuppance – and AoA Iceman’s destiny was particularly brutal. After a rage-filled fist struggle between Nightcrawler and Iceman, Kurt will get the higher hand and pushes Iceman right into a furnace, melting him slowly. Iceman’s flip to villainy was extremely cool to see, as was his final downfall.

7 Iceman was a Founding Member of ANOTHER Cool Superhero Workforce: Champions of Los Angeles

Champions #1 by Tony Isabella and Don Heck

Ghost Rider, Hercules, and Iceman fighting together.

Not solely was Drake an authentic X-Man, however Iceman was additionally a founding member of one other crew of superheroes known as the Champions of Los Angeles. Whereas not as extensively identified, the Champions consisted of some actual heavy-hitters together with the likes of Ghost Rider, Hercules, Black Widow, Angel, and – in fact – Iceman.

Two Avengers, two X-Males, and arguably probably the most highly effective antihero on the face of the planet made up this epic crew, which solely elevates Iceman’s already well-established coolness as considered one of its founding members.

6 Bobby Drake Coming Out was Iceman’s Most Inspirational Second

All-New X-Males #40 by Brian Michael Bendis and Mahmud Asrar

Iceman and Jean Grey hugging after Iceman came out as gay.

Whereas followers argue that Jean Gray pressured Bobby into popping out as homosexual by studying his thoughts and outing him in non-public (they usually’d be proper, that’s precisely what she did), Bobby Drake’s bravery can’t be overshadowed by Jean’s invasion of his privateness. That is the second that Drake finds the braveness to say, for the primary time aloud, that he’s homosexual, each to his fellow X-Males member and to readers – overcoming his fears of being ostracized for the way in which he was born, each by way of his mutation and his sexuality.

Then, Bobby even spoke along with his grownup self (as this was a time-displaced model of Iceman from the previous), and the model of Iceman from the longer term admitted that he couldn’t do what his youthful self did, however that now he felt like he lastly might. Bobby Drake’s improvement was extremely important for LGBTQ+ illustration in comedian e book fiction, and the second he absolutely accepted himself on-panel was simply Iceman’s most inspirational second.

5 Iceman Can Reconstitute His Physique After Getting Completely Obliterated

X-Males Vol. 2 #190 by Mike Carey and Chris Bachalo

Iceman healing after being vaporized.

When Iceman fought Aurora and Northstar, he was vaporized, diminished to nothing greater than puddles of water and a room filled with steam. Nonetheless, that was greater than sufficient for Iceman to heal from this seemingly deadly assault, as his powers allowed him to tug the steam from the air and the water from the ground again into his ice-form, at which level he was then capable of revert to his human look.

Whereas he was on the verge of passing out, this was nonetheless a profitable reconstitution of his whole physique after he was diminished to nearly nothing, which is made even cooler and extra spectacular by the truth that this was Iceman’s first try at therapeutic his physique to that extent.

4 Arguably the Coolest Iceman Wasn’t Even Bobby Drake, however Emma Frost

Uncanny X-Males #313 by Scott Lobdell and Joe Madureira

Iceman possessed by Emma Frost.

This challenge confirmed a model of Iceman readers had by no means seen earlier than. His usually glossy ice kind was jagged, with lengthy sharp claws of frozen water extending from his fingers. Then, moments after this startling sight first appeared on-panel, it’s revealed that this awesomely designed Iceman wasn’t even Bobby Drake, it was Emma Frost. After being in a coma for a while, Emma awoke inside Iceman’s physique – and she or he did a bit extra than simply make him look cooler.

Frost was capable of faucet into Iceman’s powers in ways in which Drake had by no means been capable of earlier than. Actually, when Bobby obtained management of his physique again, he requested Emma to coach him additional within the utilization of his powers, which is arguably how he would finally have the ability to pull off unimaginable feats like his aforementioned god-tier therapeutic issue.

Savage Avengers #18 by Gerry Duggan and Kev Walker

Iceman fighting Conan the Barbarian.

How cool would it not be if Iceman wasn’t only a founding member of the X-Males, or a mutant with a therapeutic issue higher than Wolverine, however was truly a descendant of Frost Giants? That’s the concept was teased on this challenge, when Iceman is battling a time-displaced Conan the Barbarian through the King In Black occasion. Conan and Deadpool have been taking shelter within the authentic Hellfire Membership clubhouse, and Iceman (together with a couple of different mutants) have been tasked with kicking them out – and Conan didn’t take too kindly to that aggression.

Utilizing the symbiote he briefly bonded with, Conan manifested a hammer in his hand, and used it to smash Iceman to items, saying as he did so, “It warms my coronary heart that on this weak and pathetic world, there are nonetheless warriors descended from Ymir. Inform the Frost Large – I’ll see him in hell!”. Whereas this was greater than possible Conan mislabeling Iceman’s mutation, it’s an attention-grabbing factor to contemplate that Iceman might truly be greater than only a mutant, but in addition part-Frost Large, which – on a good cooler degree – would make him associated to Loki!

2 X-Males’s Krakoan Period Noticed Iceman Grow to be a Pirate (& Then a Spaceman)

Marauders #1 by Gerry Duggan and Matteo Lolli

Iceman and the Marauders.

When the mutant nation of Krakoa was first based, Iceman determined to hitch Kate Pryde on The Marauder, successfully becoming a member of the crew of mutant pirates. Whereas their missions have been at all times heroic (at the very least, typically), the Marauders did function exterior the legal guidelines of Krakoa as they associated to the skin world. The Marauders smuggled mutants to the island, they shipped Krakoan prescribed drugs to nations that didn’t permit them, and principally did regardless of the official X-Males crew couldn’t (minus full-on assault missions, that’s what the X-Pressure was for).

Changing into a pirate – and being the one founding X-Man to take action – is decidedly cool on a degree few might even hope to realize, and Iceman didn’t cease there. Bobby was additionally chosen to assist set up the mutant settlement on Mars known as Arakko, which means the Krakoan Period noticed Iceman grow to be a pirate after which a spaceman. So cool.

1 The Second Followers First Knew Iceman was an Omega-Degree Mutant was His Coolest Ever

Astonishing X-Males Vol. 3 #64 by Marjorie Liu and Gabriel Hernandez Walta

Iceman looking down at a frozen Earth.

Iceman’s Omega-Degree designation grew to become official with the up to date checklist launched throughout X-Males’s Daybreak of X period, however followers knew this to be true a while beforehand with the gradual development of his immense energy – which arguably reached its peak in Astonishing X-Males. With the assistance of a Dying Seed fragment (which wasn’t a lot an influence increase because it was a approach for Iceman to open his thoughts and use his powers with out restraint), Iceman proved he might freeze your complete planet.

These with the ability to impression a complete world are robotically Omega-Degree, and this story arc proved that utilized to Iceman. Nonetheless, that wasn’t the one time Iceman exhibited excessive energy. God-tier therapeutic, the power to make duplicates of himself, and the ability to regulate his mutation on the molecular degree additionally confirms Iceman’s Omega-Degree standing. However greater than that, this designation is simply one of many 10 the reason why Iceman is the best authentic member of the X-Males!

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