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Harmonie – All of the Anime| TC

AnimesHarmonie – All of the Anime| TC

February 13, 2024

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By Zoe Crombie.

Harmonie – All of the Anime| TC
Harmonie – All of the Anime| TC 1Source Google

A shy boy admires a well-liked woman in his class, a protected distance away from her macho ‘boyfriend’ and judgemental friends, hoping that she could be completely different from the others. This isn’t an unusual arrange for an anime, significantly one set in a highschool, however Concord takes an intriguing course as his potential to recreate any tune he hears attracts her consideration in a coincidence. As the 2 develop into nearer, their creativity turns into intertwined, and the movie delves into the thriller of an evocative track, a shared dream, and three glass bottles.

Although most of the most well-known anime administrators are related to characteristic movies (Hayao Miyazaki and Satoshi Kon) and to an extent tv sequence (Hideki Anno), however there’s one other enviornment of anime the place some fascinating artistic voices may be heard: shorts on video, as competition entrants and as music movies and even commercials enable for big experimentation, and pithy explorations of distinctive story ideas.

Harmonie – All of the Anime| TC
Harmonie – All of the Anime| TC 2Source Google

One filmmaker who works repeatedly on this mode is Yasuhiro Yoshiura. Recognized for movie competition releases that showcase recent concepts in a restricted runtime, Yoshiura has made a profession out of the artwork of the brief kind animation, from video releases like Pale Cocoon and Aquatic Language to anime premiered on-line like Patema Inverted and Time of Eve. Often working in a science fiction-tinged mode with futuristic settings or unusual new phenomena, the director has a aptitude for the spectacular and the unexplainable, and nowhere is that this clearer than in his 2014 brief Concord.

Concord follows Akio Honjou, a shy highschool boy who solely feels understood by his two pals, however who longs to be recognized by his extra in style crush Juri Makina, a quietly lovely woman surrounded by an intimidating group of louder children. Describing this need in a gap narration as wanting to search out commonalities between their ‘worlds’, this concept turns into more and more literal, with the internal worlds of the characters expressed superbly by way of dream sequences soundtracked to music written in-universe by Makina.

Harmonie – All of the Anime| TC
Harmonie – All of the Anime| TC 3Source Google

A advantage of the brief runtimes of Yoshiura’s work is undeniably the visuals, that are given way more consideration than they might have been afforded in a extra sizeable piece of media. There’s no overuse of pre-drawn establishing photographs or staring awkwardly on the backs of characters in Concord; every shot, even when depicting a easy character response or classroom scene, feels deliberately realised and structured in a means that enables even essentially the most mundane moments to stay with you.

With that being mentioned, the standout components of Concord are undeniably the dream sequences: headfirst dives into fantasy away from the slice of life setting of the remainder of the movie. Loosely resembling the rising love between the 2 leads, however suggesting a extra advanced backstory for Makina specifically, these scenes are rendered by Yoshiura to be a complete stylistic break, extra paying homage to a sci fi Suzume than an Anthem of the Coronary heart model highschool romantic drama.

Harmonie – All of the Anime| TC
Harmonie – All of the Anime| TC 4Source Google

Centring round an apocalyptic world paying homage to Yoshiura’s later works, this fictional house is stuffed with faceless automatons, ruined towers, and mysterious magical artefacts, all rendered with great melodrama. The impact is memorable, giving the impression of a dreamscape extra impressively and authentically than most animations on the market.

Whereas distinctive in its premise, Concord does generally fall into a few of the extra unlucky tendencies of its romantic shounen friends. Watching our protagonist bang his head towards the wall whereas wailing ‘cow’ beneath his breath will get somewhat tiresome the second time spherical, and the overbearing masculinity of the so-called boyfriend does are likely to grate (by design, to be honest). However in different methods, the cliches improve the sincerity; like Makoto Shinkai, the grasp of respiration new life into outdated romance tropes, the movie is infused with the naivety and enthusiasm of two children feeling as if they’re the primary two folks on the planet to find love.

Concord could go away you wishing for an extended runtime, but it surely’s a fantastic little story with a visible and emotional scope that greater than exceeds what you may count on from its restricted runtime. It’s additionally an effective way into Yoshiura’s filmography, stuffed with works like this that give somewhat house to a giant idea. Just like the dream on the centre of the movie that adheres to the characters and irrevocably hyperlinks them, that is an OVA that can persist with you for a very long time to return.

Zoe Crombie is an affiliate lecturer and PhD candidate at Lancaster College engaged on Studio Ghibli. Concord is launched within the UK by Anime Restricted.

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